Hi All

I have a question (well of course i do )

I have seen interfaces at different sites like OC etc. Now here is my question:

Scenario: I have 2 joysticks laying around which are gathering dust. I have downloaded FSUIPC.

I have an old computer case which i will cut and modify to be a makeshift "generic" panel that i can add to which will house some overhead panel stuff and AP panel stuff like heading and course and other AP switches (ala 737).

Ok so, yes i know i need an output interface for the heading and course and alt readouts etc. BUT, initially i would just like to control these withot having to reach for the mouse or KB. So, the BIG question is, Will a rotary encoder work via a standard (2nd) joystick input via FSUIPC?

Any suggestions. Please keep in mind i need to use what i have until i have money. I can buy some switches and rotaries but not import interface cards etc.

Oh, BTW, I also have a TALL server case which stands about 800mm high which i want to cut and use as a center console for throttle quad, trim and flaps etc. I will use the power supplies still in each case to supply the 12v and 5v as and where required - comments?

Thanks in advance.