Are others having this issue? I bought a few 24 step rotary encoders from Digikey for controlling a few autopilot functions (heading bug, etc). I hooked one up to my fabulous BU0836X board, and mapped it in FSUIPC. It worked like a charm - turn the knob right, the heading bug goes right, turn the knob left, the bug goes left. COOL! But unfortunately, I found out that it takes forever to rotate the bug a full 180 degrees, because if I turn the knob fast, FSUIPC only sees every 5th click or so. Spinning the knob slow or fast, it still takes a long time to get that bug turned around.

I did a little digging, and based off some threads on this board, found a fix with SVMapper software. Here's how I set up SVMapper to spin the heading bug faster:

1. Run Flight Sim
2. Remove the setting for your knob from FSUIPC
3. Download and run SV Mapper (
4. Map the left and right turning of the knob like in the attached image. For example, right turn (increase heading bug) is mapped as:
keypress (set as) Ctrl+Shift+H
keyrelease (set as) =

Save and leave SV Mapper open, then switch back to Flight Sim. Turn the knob fast one way and it will start out rotating the heading bug slowly, but will speed up as you turn the knob more.

Not sure if this is the best way to do it, but it worked for me!