4F4 are always values, not bits.

But for the settings of the ND when the MCP is running, please always use
the 4F2 throughpass...



"Luke Ramirez" wrote in message
> Thanks for your reply Frans,
> Yes that is what I'm trying to do but according to the Project Magenta
> documentation i need to set the value 10 not bit 10 for the offset.
> I'm not sure how to do this using the FS2Phidgets software. Perhaps
> someone
> can give an example of setting up some other offset (not neccesarily the
> one
> I'm looking at) that does a similar thing, that is, set a value so I can
> use the example to learn the technique.
> Hopefully someone with experience using Phidgets and FS2Phidgets software
> will reply.
> Thanks in advance
> Luke