Hi Guys,

I have a question about setting an offset in the Project Magenta glass
cockpit software using fs2phidgets.

What I want to do is change the way the glass cockpit for the captain side
displays. The default is to have the PFD on the left and the ND on the right.

This can be changed by using offset 04F4. However I'm not sure how to do

From the project magenta offset documents I found the following:

Size 2

Glass Cockpit ND Modes (Write Only) (*was* Read as well)

Sending 100+(value) controls First Officer Display (e.g. 170 enables weather
on Copilot ND)
Only last three digits are used, you can use the thousands to indicate the
key has been pressed again (state change), i.e. 2150 and 5150 do the same

(Values, not bits!)

10 PFD/ND -> PFD -> ND (like pressing F4,F1,F2 in GC)
12 EICAS with Standby

So it would seem I have to set the value to 10. But how???

I know how to create the variable in fs2phidgets but I do not know how to
assign the value to it do I define it as a "Raw Value" or a "Bitmap" or a
"Range" variable etc ???? and how do I pass 10 to this ??? or 11 or 12 or 170
if I needed.

Any help would be appreciated