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    HAGSTROM (KE72) interface


    I have laid out an overhead using a number of ordinary toggle switches, and tried to interface them using Hagstrom's ke72. The switches represent nav lights, beacon, strobes, landing, taxi, and cockpit lights. The switches are on led's to show the 'on' position, but 'on' can vary and sometimes a function can be activated when the switch is in the 'off' position (no led showing). Has anybody used ke72's coding for the lights mentioned? Can you show an example for me?
    Is there any way of showing light and switch status accurately each time I go to an aircraft?
    I know there are guys out there flying the big jets, and their overhead's are very complicated with many switches and buttons. How do you control these? I thought of push on/push off buttons, but there is no led to show the status, and the programming is still a problem!

    Are there any better units apart from Hagstrom that could help me?
    All comments very much welcome.


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