I thought I should post this in case others might be having the same issue I was. My PFC pedals wouldn't stay calibrated and were showing different axis values in FSUIPC every time I moved the pedals? I didn't get a reply when I posted in the PFC support forum and I'm about to put the Sim back together which makes it very difficult to access the pedals...so I decided to open up the back of the pedals (where I figured the potentiometer must be) and at least have a look. Turns out, there was a problem. The pot shaft has a spur gear that is driven by a rack and pinion gear. The teeth on the rack and pinion gear weren't driving the spur gear? they were up against the smooth base of the spur gear. There was some movement of the pot but of course it would slip over time and the calibration would go out. I loosened the two screws that held the pot in place, re-aligned the gears and tightened the pot back up. The pedals seem to be working fine now. According to the label on the back of the pedals I've just voided my warranty but for something as simple as this I couldn't see paying the shipping costs. Hopefully no one else has this problem but if they do it might be worth a quick peek.