As I had posted before the LONG wait to receive an order was irratating (mild word) at best but the bundle finally arrived. I had ordered the attitude, I.A.S. , and digital altimeter pack. This last Sunday I installed them. Woops.....putting power to the gauges they all started to move to alighn themseleves , however the attitude gauge kept moving as though I was in a roll pegging out and the gears started to grind so I turned the power off. Tried it again and the same thing happened. I disconnected the gauge and the others were regonized and work fine, but I'm afraid the "power up" the attitude gauge because of possible damage. I notified Mark at F.I. of the problem and NO reply, I emailed again and guess what ....NO REPLY. For those of you who have this gauge can you give me any ideas as to what might correct the problem. The software program from F.I. does NOT recognize the gauge, but the others ARE recognized. After waiting 3 monthe for this gauge and it NOT working is quite irratating to say the least. I WILL NOT be dealing with this company directly again, especially when you can get them from Aviationmegastore in 5 days time. Again Thanks for your replies. Dave