Hello Guys,

Does anyone use the open cockpits mcp and efis with the pmdg 737 in fs2004?? I have no problems with them and they work superb except on the efis i have the range set to 5 miles and always the flight starts at 2.5 miles meaning i have to mouse click on the main panel to alter it. Does anyone know how i can work around this?

Also i would like the efis and mcp to have a cold and dark start, everything else (mfd,pfd,sounds,systems and goflight products) all stay off until i have gone thru the correct procedures on the overhead etc, its just the efis and mcp illuminated all the time which i would like to address.

I'm sure someone knows how to incooperate cold and dark start up into the sioc script for this, please share if you do.

Thanks Steve