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    3Gb (or 4GB) Switch for WindowsXP

    Many friends here, are looking a way to use more memory for their brand new PCs on Win Xp 32bit systems.

    So please take your time to read the various threads below, they describe how WinXP use the memory, what can we do to increase it and how to patch the Fs9.

    From Microsoft (
    "Windows XP Professional and Windows Server 2003 Memory Support. The maximum amount of memory that can be supported on Windows XP Professional and Windows Server 2003 is also 4 GB.The virtual address space of processes and applications is still limited to 2 GB unless the /3GB switch is used in the Boot.ini file.
    Application Memory Tuning. This capability allows memory-intensive applications to utilize up to 50 percent more virtual memory on Intel-based computers. Application memory tuning provides more of the computer's virtual memory to applications by providing less virtual memory to the operating system."

    Check also these threads :

    More information and download link here: (
    "I originally wrote this tool for a friend of mine who needed it. This very little tool patches x86 executables in order to let them have 4GB (instead of only 2) of virtual memory on x64 platforms. This tool comes very handy for applications which need a great amount of virtual memory like games, 3D renderization, multimedia etc. To gain these 2GB, you just have to use this tool to patch the executable (*.exe file) of the software you want to have these additional GBs of virtual memory. It can be used by clicking on it and choosing the file or through command line (e.g.: "4gb_patch file.exe"). It automatically creates a backup copy of the original executable.

    Why things are this way on x64 is easy to explain. On x86 applications have 2GB of virtual memory out of 4GB (the other 2GB are reserved for the system). On x64 these two other GB can now be accessed by 32bit applications. In order to achieve this, a flag has to be set in the file's internal format. This is, of course, very easy for insiders who do it every day with the CFF Explorer. This tool was written because not everybody is an insider, and most probably a lot of people don't even know that this can be achieved. Even I wouldn't have written this tool if someone didn't explicitly ask me to."

    Notice: Have in you mind, that i do not use this method, as i don't have a system with more than 2Gb of RAM. I just know some friends they use it. Please read the articles above and use it, with your own risk. Of course backup your files before. I don't have any relation with any of them in the links above.


    Eddie Armaos

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    4 gigs

    thank you for this thread , i will most surely be tring this out .

    i to am still using xp 32 and will be staying with fs9 for awhile because of all of the money invested in software and such, fsx is good but it will take a lot of upgrading , hardware and software.

    im still collecting parts and such untill i have the right equiptment and software to run FSX.

    So most likely i will be ready for FS!! , but at this point i will stay with FS9 and enjoy flying and build my system in prep for FS!!.

    the machine i just built is a e8500 3.3 gig , ram 4 gig ( with my machine only seiing 2 gig)and i have everything turned up on fs9 with all of my add ons, so with a way to get two more gigs to FS9 will be great.


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