I have been very (extremely) pleased with the PM GAIFR panel that I am currently using. I use it to practice my scan while working towards my actual instrument rating however, I can't see the barometric pressure in the kohlsman window? I would like to be able to see the pressure setting and update it with the wx info before making the approach (as in real life) so I can practice my real checklists to create a "sense of busy-ness". As many of you know in real life, flying an instrument approach can get very hectic and to have the ability to effectively manage as many things as possible during the approach as in real life is a definite safety benefit to the pilot. (And will give me an added sense of confidence with the examiner I will be taking my checkride with hopefully soon.) Any help would be much appreciated. I have the latest updates and the latest fsuipc and widefs. I just dont understand why it is now visible. Maybe I am missing a font?