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    Kohlsman setting..... HELP please

    This HAS to be simple, and I'm just not getting it.

    As it is in the default FS2PhUIPC307.ini file


    I can't get this to work, I think I've followed every thread, tried different settings AND still can't get it to work.

    PLEASE, someone give this feeble minded person directions on how to get this to work

    Matt O.

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    Matt Oscar,

    Step 1:

    - Fire up FS2Phidgets.
    - Connect to a card.
    - Connect to Flight Sim.
    - Start input/output.
    The usual start up stuff.

    - Press the "Edit FS Variabes..." button.

    -Use pull down and select appropriate file (FS2PhUIPC307.ini in your case).
    -Use pull down and select FS variable (KOHLSMAN_SETTING).

    - Confirm offset and length.

    - Go into MS-FS and rotate kohlsman knob.
    - Rotate as far as you can clockwise and anti-clockwise.

    Step 2 - Homework assignment:

    (a) What was maximum and minimum Raw value you observed on the "Edit FS Variable" screen ?

    (b) What did raw value increment and decrement by each time the kholsman knob was clicked in either (+) or (-) direction ?


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    PHEW!!!!!! Homework!!!! I thought I'd never see that again

    Max Value=1084
    Min Value=948

    Increments and decrements at .01 each click.

    Did I pass the test?

    Matt O.

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    No you did not!

    Those look like millibars.
    I'm sure you did not read those values from the "Edit FS Variable" screen.

    There is a box on the "Edit FS Variable" screen labeled "Raw value"
    That is the value we are looking for.

    We want the internal value that MS-FS uses, not MS-FS' ultimate presentation.

    Even a casual reading of the FSUIPC documentation for your offset, and most others, indicates that the values FSUIPC works with is often nothing like what is presented on the MS-FS screen.

    That is the whole point of the "Edit FS Variable" feature.
    Gives insight into the values of MS-FS variables that FSUIPC works with.

    FS2Phidget use FSUIPC to read or write values to MS-FS.


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    I FAILED the first test..... Aaaarrrrrgggg!!!! On top of that I got lectured.... OUCH.... well deserved though Maybe the retake test I'll pass?

    RAW FS Values


    Matt O.

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    We're making progress.
    Bear with me, Capt. Matt.
    Goal here is to achieve an "ah-ha" moment.

    Now we just need answer to (b) portion - the incremental value.
    That's raw value again.

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    I'll get this right yet.... and possibly a Ah Haaaaa

    Increment value is 5 for each click

    Matt O.

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    Matt Oscar,

    Now we know the Kohlsman setting is a RANGE of values (hint #1).
    We know the LOWEST and HIGHEST value for the range (hint #2).
    and we know the kohlsman value needs to STEP (increments/decrement) by 5.
    (Hints #3).

    Fire up FS2phidgets.
    We want to get into "Edit FS Variables..." (as before)
    and edit KOHLSMAN_SETTING.

    Press "Range of Values" button to set the value type.
    Set Low value to 15168
    Set High value to 17344

    Because we are working with raw FS value we must set Mutilpier and Divisor to 1.

    Press Save and close up Edit screen.

    Unassign Encoder.
    Assign KOHLSMAN_SETTING to encoder.
    (This is to ensure encoder will pick up new settings ).

    Press Calibrate button and set (you guessed it) Step Value to 5

    Enable encoder and try it out.

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    Matt Oscar,

    The MS-FS Kohlsman Lowest value appears very low.
    Unless perhaps you are a NOAA Hurricane Chaser C-130.

    If you do not like the High and Low values you may
    obviously change those values to suite your:

    (a) wife
    (b) aircraft
    (c) airline
    (d) tastes
    (e) finger dexterity

    Note: I do have wife listed as option (a).

    (: there is a rumor that the Airbus is classified as an aircraft. Not sure how true the rumor is


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    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! It works!!!!! Thank you ALAN Delta

    Regarding the RUMOR, as it is NOT!!!! It is a FACT, AIRBUS is TRULY a fantastic Flying Machine (aircraft). Now as to Boeing, I heard rumors that Boeing comes from the word BOING, like in Boing, Boing, Boing.... Capt: "folks we have landed"

    Again, I appreciate your help Alan

    Matt O.

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