hi guys,well its time to start wiring the switches on the overhead to a phidget 16/16 and also the korrys too,
can some one just check this out so i dont blow anything up,as far as i see my connections should be,
1. a 5volt power supply to switch,
2. a cable from switch to phidget board input
turning switch on led on phidget board should light and assigned funtion should be actioned,via pm systems

1.24volt power to pin one on korry,
2.cable from pin two to phidget card output
pm systems will activate assignment and turn light on via the phidget card,
i have mainly type ones but also some type twos which light with a power and ground to pins one and two,can i wire these in using power to pin one and use pin two as phidget input,?

many thanks
steve diamond