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    Unhappy Can't get reverse anymore

    I was wondering if something has seriously changed in FS2phidgets. I ask because I can no longer get reverse to work. I orignally had it working for my C-130 sim by changing the .ini file to show a low value of -4096 and a high value of 16384. When I moved the throttles it showed those values in FS2phidgets. Now when it gets to the end of the travel it shows zero instead of the -4096. So now not only do I not have reverse but in the ground range there is a load on the props at idle and the plane creeps forward. Please tell me you know what's wrong. I've tried changing everything that I can think of.

    Dan Relfe

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    What version are you running?


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    Just d/l the latest version (2.0.09). Wow, you get them out there quickly. Problem taken care of. Any ideas on my flap indicator alignment problem? Thanks in advance.

    Dan Relfe

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