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    Igor Perne

    Activate Approach phase on A320 MCDU

    Hi all!

    I was confused about activation of approach phase on MCDU A320. When I am
    approaching to the airport and I was pressed LSK6L button on PERF screen,
    "activate approach" goes to amber colour, but nothing happens. The speed stay
    the same at manage mode all the time - independent of flaps. I must reduce
    speed with selected mode.
    I am searching on PM documentation and this forum, but no usefull. Can anyone
    tel me where can I find description of MCDU for A320 PM SW.


    Igor Perne

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    Eddie Armaos

    Re: Activate Approach phase on A320 MCDU


    as i don't have the PM's Airbus version (even i want it & love Airbus!!), as
    remember from PSS's A320 when selecting the Approach Phase, yes the letters
    MCDU are orange and then you have to press again the LSK for "Confirm".

    Only this time, the aircraft reduces speed down to minimum clean speed, then
    extend flaps continues to slow down.

    Eddie Armaos
    Athens - Greece

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    Igor Perne

    Re: Activate Approach phase on A320 MCDU

    Hello Eddie!

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    Yes you are wright! It is works like you said on PSS A320 and when I was
    started to fly with my simcockpit and PM SW, I just do in this way. But now,
    after confirmation APPR phase on MCDU speed do not down to clean speed.
    Interesting is, that that ACTIVATE button shows on the approach screen too (PERF
    section) , but after confirm sistem shows me INOP!

    Maybe Enrico tells us any new ideas!


    Igor Perne

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