Hello, everyone.

If someone can figure this one out, I'd appreciate it. This has become
quite frustrating.

I am installing the ability to control the Bank Limit in the MCP. I can
control it (separate from this code), but, of course, I would like to be
able to display the current Bank Limit. I added a piece in pmSystems to
display it. Obviously, the display on the overhead panel is not "reality",

but it works for me, considering the limitations of the MCP.

The problem is that, for some reason, it's not working. I'm having trouble

within pmSystems to perform logical operations on certain offsets.

The following code doesn't work. I've monitored it through the logging
feature in FSUIPC. What I've learned is that I can see pmBA (I replaced
pmBA for fltalt, and the value does display), but I can't perform logical
operations with it.

Try it yourself, and see how it works. The [elements] section needs to be
appended to the current [elements] section, just before the [logics] section


Warm regards,
David Rabiner


552A 2 pmBA

66D2 .0 BAAuto
66D2 .1 BA5
66D2 .2 BA10
66D2 .3 BA15
66D2 .4 BA20
66D2 .5 BA25


textlightbox AUTO,-108,111,.8,g,BAAuto,7,3
textlightbox 5,-94,111,.8,g,BA5,7,3
textlightbox 10,-80,111,.8,g,BA10,7,3
textlightbox 15,-108,105,.8,g,BA15,7,3
textlightbox 20,-94,105,.8,g,BA20,7,3
textlightbox 25,-80,105,.8,g,BA25,7,3
fontsize 3.5
text BANK LIMIT,-133,107


BAAuto = (pmBA = 1) and batt1
BA5 = (pmBA = 5) and batt1
BA10 = (pmBA = 10) and batt1
BA15 = (pmBA = 15) and batt1
BA20 = (pmBA = 20) and batt1
BA25 = (pmBA = 25) and batt1