Well, both actually. I'm assuming that the future of PMSystems is many users
programming many different systems panels/infrastructures, so anyone
creating a system in PMSystems would need the ability to generate the
appropriate CAS messages. Plus, as in the real world, there are many CAS messages
unique to user-specific equipment.

I was thinking of something like a 4-tiered structure, color-coded with
warnings in red, cautions in amber, and two levels of system advisories in blue
and white. A write to offset 0x???? would look like "5ENG1 OVHT" where 5
would denote flashing red (1-4 = red, amber, blue, white and 5-8 = flashing
red, amber, blue, white) and "ENG1 OVHT" is the text to be placed in the
CAS display. A write of "0ENG1 OVHT" would erase the message. PFD would
have to sort the message by category (all messages of like color are grouped
together, with most recent at the bottom of that category), and manage the
master warning/caution...once the master caution is cleared, the CAS
message goes from flashing to steady.

Or...something similar. I think it'd be a HUGE addition to the PM GC. You'd
need to find a place for the Master Warning/Caution presslights...probably
something easily doable in PMSystems.

Anyway, that's my half-formed idea of the day for you to contemplate in your
copious spare time.