Worked on the forward window today. I've been filling and sanding for two days now so I thought I'd do something else to keep from being bored.
You might notice (from previous photos) that I re-made the lower window sill to the correct shape and thickness. I also added the locking rod to the aft part of the frame.

I still have to make the handle locking mechanism and the shroud that covers it on the window support. I also ran out of 3/4" angle so there is no frame piece for the top of the window. The window framework is set back 1/2" for possible acrylic sheet installation in the future.

There are many companies who sell acrylic in 1/2" thick sheets. It's not as expensive as I first though. The cost will probably rise for the custom work I'll need though.

Also added the plastic sheet to the diagonal support, Makes for a nice smooth, unbroken surface.

Now it's Paulaner time.