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    Steven White

    MCP and CDU in FS Window

    Hi All,

    I am trying to get the MCP and CDU to appear in the FS2004 window. I have
    tried the FSWindow=Yes and FSWindow=On commands in the ini file but it doesn't
    seem to do anything. The red status line in FS2004 says "Starting MCP
    (something like that), flickers in the window then disappears. I can see it on
    the desktop if I alt + TAB.

    I am sure I had done it before with an older version of the software. Any


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    Steven White

    MCP and CDU in FS Window


    The CDU disappears. I found it inside FS thought there is nothing actually
    displayed, If I move the 3d and cockpit windows then click the mouse on the
    spot where the CDU should be I can see it flicker on for 1/10 of a second.
    It seems to be registering the mouse clicks though it is a little hard to
    use that way!

    I was thinking it may be a DirectX - Open GL compatibility issue.

    I am trying different drivers for my ATI 9800XT but so far no change using
    the previous two older sets.


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