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    Airbus B-737, A-320 Switch and Indicator Lot!

    Up for Sale the following switches all of them SOLD AS IS! And also a couple of ananunciator some I know they are from the A-320 and the others my guess is they are from the 737:

    2x 3 Position Toggle Switches
    1x ON/OFF Toggle switch
    1x Magentic Toggle type switch
    1x A-320 engine master toggle switch you have to pull it up to toggle it! (Switch only)
    1x large rotary Encoder
    3x Valve Closed Indicators
    1x NOT ENGAGED Blue Indicator
    1x Bat Open Indicator
    1x Electric Emergency Generator Test Guard from the A-320

    Sold as a lot sorry won´t part out! $80 for the lot or Best Offer!! Please mail me at or PM me!


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