MyCockpit Organizational Structure NEWS RELEASE April 12, 2008

Dear Flight Sim Builders Community,

Three years ago was only an idea to develop a meeting place for builders to share their experiences. It was an idea stemming from the thirst of early sim pioneers to seek information. The website was originally formed under the name Independent Flight Sim Builders International (IFSBI) as a simple forum with humble aspirations 2 ˝ years ago by a few dedicated flight simulator enthusiasts. Today is an important, thriving establishment representing the acquired knowledge and experiences of thousands of flight sim hobby enthusiasts worldwide. The breadth and depth of information available on is considered a goldmine by its users. There are over 3,100 active members with user-hits averaging greater than 140,000 daily. The rising success of is overwhelming. Over the past several months, it became apparent the leadership and organizational structure of needed to grow to respond to the demands of our users to insure our future success. As with any youthful enterprise, it is now’s time to define the organizational structure to become a spirited member of the flight sim industry.

MyCockpit is still in the beginning stages of its journey. The necessary resources to sustain the success of MyCockpit include ideas, manpower, time, and funding. is an open site with free access to all. Over a year ago, the first vendor approached to advertise their products. This was important, not only to the flight simulator enthusiast, but to the operation of the website. The funding for the website operation was supported independently by the founders and gifts from supporters.

As President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), I am proud to announce the formation of MyCockpit, Inc, the corporate holder of By developing a formal business structure, will launch into the future by competing in the flight simulation market as the number one place for cockpit builders to meet and share ideas. The leadership team of includes, Matt Olieman, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and Trevor Hale, Vice President and Administrative Director. Please view the MyCockpit, Inc. organizational chart at the following link:


Leadership opportunities exist in with new volunteer positions seeking talented candidates with a desire to participate in the future of flight simulation. When viewing the Organizational Chart, you will notice, the available positions are listed without names. Complete descriptions of the staff duties are available for your review at the following link:

If you find a position that interests you, and you feel that you meet the qualifications described in the description, please apply in writing to Tracy Hale, Director of Human Resources at and complete the online application form located here

The founders and leadership team of extends their thanks and appreciation to our loyal friends of the flight sim builders community for inspiring and supporting our enterprise.

Best regards,
Marcia J. Olieman, MBA
President CEO
MyCockpit, Inc