Sismo Introduces the SimCards©

SimCards © are a proprietary technology family of USB 2.0 interface cards designed especially for flight simulation, either home cockpit builders or professional builders.

They allow users to exchange data with your favorite flight simulator software from external input devices towards your computer, (i.e a switch) or from your computer backwards an external output device (i.e. a light). They allow user to control displays, analog potentiometers, switches, LED's, motors, lights, servos, etc...

SimCards © are low-cost but professional I/O cards, anything that you can build, you can use SimCards for, mode control panels, throttles, rudder pedals, gauges, etc... the complete cockpit interface solution.

They are professionally manufactured and assembled to provide the highest quality with the latest USB 2.0 interface to guarantee maximum speed and compatibility with new computers.

No master modules required, simply choose which SimCards © you need, then connect them to your PC using any USB port, load the free software, your modules are automatically detected. Configure your connections to perform whatever function you like from Flight Simulator or X-plane too!)

The whole family of SimCards © are fully compatible with FS 2004, FSX and X-Plane 9

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