Dear Customers,

This holiday season offers us a special opportunity to extend our personal
thanks to all of you, as well as wish you all the best for a healthy and
successful new year. For us, 2005 was an extremely busy and successful year
and we don't quite expect the pace will slow down in 2006. Quite in the
contrary perhaps.

- Instructor Station Announcement
- New Builds
- General Aviation Glass Cockpit
- Project Magenta Hardware Update
- NNTP Newsgroup Access Restored

- Instructor Station Announcement

With a quite a bit of delay, we are now finally announcing the availability
of our Instructor Station... for more information about it please go to and follow the corresponding link.

Video Instroduction:
(13 MB)


The Instructor Station order link (PayPal only) for the time being is

Please note that some changes had to be made to pmSystems and the FMCs for
the Instructor stations, these are enabled in the updates on

- New Builds

Several new builds have been uploaded to
.. most notable is pmSystems 78 which includes a number of things that
needed to be fixed from 74 and 76...

- General Aviation Glass Cockpit

Another long overdue item, response for this software has been immense and I
caught myself promising the "end of the year" to a number of people. The way
things look like right now we should be able to make it, but we're talking
the last couple of days before 2006 hits. In any case, please check our
newsgroup for updates about that.

- Project Magenta Hardware Update

Excellent response and some successful deliveries so far make this first
step into the physical world much easier than expected. We will be adding
more products to our list in the first two months of 2006.

- NNTP Newsgroup Access Restored

Just in case you didn't have a chance to check it again, our newsgroup has
now finally been working normally again for NNTP access for a couple of