Dear Customers,

some things did indeed happen since the last newsletter two months ago, some
of them will have quite an impact on the way our company will operate in the

- Project Magenta Hardware
- CRJ-200 Trainer Software delivered to Paradigm Shift Solutions
- Prototype Cockpit Tests Video
- Independent Flight-Sim Builders International
- Newsgroup NNTP Access Problems

- Project Magenta Hardware

Never say never... we have always stressed the fact that all we do is
software, but this has now changed. While there is a diversified offering
out there, some important components are still very difficult to source. In
the coming months we will be releasing various hardware products which have
derived from our efforts to make a benchmark prototype cockpit. After
experiencing a number of setbacks with some possible solutions, the decision
was made to do something about it - hopefully allowing it to grow into being
an important part of our services and becoming a benefit to professional as
well as private cockpit builders.

Hundreds of man hours have gone into the development of these products and
they offer the highest fidelity. Details can be found on our new hardware

- Project Magenta and Paradigm Shift Solutions team to provide CRJ-200 Jet

Project Magenta and Paradigm Shift Solutions have combined their efforts to
produce a highly functional Jet Trainer based on Bombardier's CRJ-200
Regional Jet. The device is a faithful 1:1 duplicate of the CRJ-200 flight
deck. It was built to meet the demands of pilot training centers in need of
glass cockpit jet training solutions. This simulator will start its
productive cycle within the next couple of weeks in Jefferson County
Airport, near Denver. More information about this item is on

- Prototype Cockpit Tests Video

After the very positive response to the auto-throttle test video in our
cockpit pages, Jonathan Richardson made another one with about some really
fine features in the center console and overhead panel of the prototype
cockpit which is being built in Germany... the download can be found on

- Independent Flight-Sim Builders International

IFSBI is a new group of cockpit builders who have joined efforts to condense
a lot of the available information into one place. Being part of this
community, even as a supplier of solutions, we are counting on this new
force becoming a constructive source of criticism and innovation for all the
pioneers out there. Their site can be reached via

- Newsgroup/Forum NNTP Access Problems

Our very popular NNTP access option to our newsgroup has not been functional
for close to two weeks now... while our service provider has identified the
problem (it appears something is going wrong with the authorization) it
hasn't been resolved yet. As we are using it to keep track of open requests
and issues, it is a very important tool for us as well, as opposed to the
Web interface. We will endeavor to send out a notification once this
disservice belongs to the past. If you have any open issues, please use as a preference.

Best Regards

Enrico Schiratti