Hi all, I am running fs2004 Leveld767 and my sim on a intel core I5 760 with 4 gig ram, 2 x ati 5760's and 500 gig with xp. I'm about to cutout the f/o panel for the splitter (second screen). My worry is if I dont get the cut just right, the instruments wont line up and I wont be able to move them or they will go out of alignment on the captains screen. The captains and f/o screens are different brands. I was toying with the idea of making the a proper working F/o panel with panelstudio instead of just a split screen from the captains side. Just wondering wether anyone knows if that would tax my framerates too much with the extra window open, considering the computer? I will try it out of course when the screen arrives. I would be happy to start with just a split screen from the Cptns side, providing i get the holes right first time.