Hi guys, I am slowly making progress with the sim and thought I'd update while I was at it. The new computer is up and running and really does a fantastic job of running everything silky smooth...so far

Specs: CoreI5 760, 4 GIG RAM, 2x ATI 5760's, 500GIG HD, 750 Watt PSU.

I am only running fs2004 but have lots of addons including REX2004 maxed out and I achieve smooth frames all the time, around (30fps) which is ample for me considering the entire setup is on 1 computer. The seats have been installed and the captains and engine screens have been put back in. Makeshift outside visuals are provided by a lightweight sheet material and a older projector with a dodgy bulb. It still gives me something to look at when flying...just for testing. Some lettering has been added to the panels. I had a printing place down the road print them in white writing on a clear sticker background. All I had to do was cut them out and stick them on. They will look better with appropriate lighting.

can't seem to upload pics, so here is a video instead.