Hey all, another update as my sim is coming along alot faster than I originally thought! I have finished the overhead supports and the overhead panel itself. The front of the overhead will be hinged so it can hang vertically for maintanence (wiring etc).

More top side supports will go in shortly for the mdf covers. I added the aircraft lighting switches and I will have a 22 inch with touchscreen kit mounted directly behind them for the main overhead. I decided to go with the 22 inch for the overhead for now until I can get my head around how to wire up a proper overhead with leds etc. At least all the work is done for me on the 22 inch screen to start with

I did some work on the pedestal around the throttle quadrant. I had to do some tweaking here as I am using the saitek pro throttles converted to 767.

I also added some dark brown paint to the side glareshields. NOTE: The true colour doesn't show up when the flash is on, so I took a photo without the flash to give a better idea of what the actual colour looks like. (Pretty close to the real thing).

with flash .. without flash.

The pedestal actually looks mustard colour in the photo but when the paint dries it will turn a more "boeing Brown" colour. Its a vinyl and plastics paint you can get from any hardware store. It's the closest colour I can find to the brown found in the real 767 in a spray can.

The flash doesn't do the colour any justice in this pic.

More updates soon!