To be honest I am not an expert in hardware setup

Nevertheless, I will build a new PC in the next months just for FSX reasons. The setup I have in my mind is not important right now. What is important is to learn about SLI setup concerning FS9 and FSX.

From my understanding the quad SLI setup gives a boost to graphics and external visuals is where it is most important to us.

1. But 4 graphic card setup means 8 DVI outputs !!! Does this mean that 8 monitors can be connected at the same time ( !!!! ) ?

2. If #1 is YES, would it be possible to have theoreticaly 8 different resolutions ( !!!! ) ?

3. If #1 is YES, would a quad setup with an i7 processor and 8 GBs of RAM plus additional equipment be enough to handle a full home cockpit project ?

4. If #1 is NO, how many monitors could one have with quad sli setup ?

5. Has anyone this kind of graphic card setup so he or she can tell us something about it ?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the possibly stupid questions, but I am new to PC hardware setup. Here is a video I found in YouTube.