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    Any suggestions for High Bandwidth hosting

    First, I am looking for a host that bills monthly. I don't want to pay in advance and get stuck with a company.

    Stumbled on chime host - but I can't seem to find many sites talking about them. I see hostgator on hosting review sites but they require yearly payment for the low price.

    any suggestions?

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    Re: Any suggestions for High Bandwidth hosting

    Do you have a website that has many visitors and/or requires large amounts of web space? Then High Bandwidth Web Hosting plans are the choice for you. With 3 high bandwidth web hosting plans to choose from, these plans are ideally suited for high traffic websites that require large amounts of web space & data transfer without the need for a dedicated hosting solution. High Bandwidth Hosting Plans start at just $40 per month and feature 20GB of storage space and 500GB of monthly bandwidth transfer.

    good luck!!
    Sacramento collocation and dedicated server rental.

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