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    BU0836X with fsuipc 3

    Just a bit of information that may help anyone having a problem with getting all their pots to work with FS 2004 and the Leo Bodnar card. I have been running FSX for some time on the flight sim, but have now gone back to FS 2004 which really is giving far better results on a sim , especially using 3 projectors etc.
    The problem I discovered was that FSUIPC 3 will only allow 6 pots, not the 8 that the card will actually run.
    Hope this will help someone that maybe wondering why they are unable to see past 6 pots !!
    Cheers.................Brian W.

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    Re: BU0836X with fsuipc 3

    Hi Brian,

    Funny you should bring this up at this time... I have just finished building a couple of MJoy 16 joystick interfaces.. very similar to the cards we have from Leo. The one I just finished is 112 buttons, 8 axis, 2 POV, and 4 encoders. In researcing before the build, I ran across many references to limitations of Windows and older versions of DirectX, as well as FS2004, and using programs like SVMapper to overcome these limits. (indeed, as stated on several other forums, the MJoy 16 shows up with only 32 buttons in Windows, but SVMapper does see and handle 112!!). I wonder if the issue is related at all as to why FSUIPC 3 will only allow 6 pots? I will fire off a email to Pete D. tomorrow and see what he has to say. I have not tried using the MJoy via FSUIPC yet, but I see no reason it wont function well, it seems quite stable. In the mean time, if anyone has interest in the MJoy 16 (and original MJoy) build I would be happy to post yet another tutorial regarding construction and programming. I have tested all of the functions and so far it seems to work well. Like othe USB joystick cards, it only has inputs, but it is a very, very cost-effective solution and has a great deal of functionality and flexibility. In very short order I had it configured to operate landing gear and so forth with no fuss. You can configure several cards on a single PC, and I would say it might work to operate a CDU with room to spare. I will start a thread and post updates as the 2 different builds progress through testing.

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