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Thread: Software for G-Throttle

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    Software for G-Throttle

    Hi all. I am very excited about the g-throttle because it looks very good for the price and will be respected in the sim pit even though it is not a full replica. It is kind of 'middle' ground negotiation between the highly expensive opencockpits 2000 version and the lame plastic toys that are available for 100.

    Anyway to the point....

    Last year i attempted to build a quadrant myself but gave up after getting a 500 bill just for having the knobs crafted But before creating the hardware i went ahead and solved a few software issues that were apparent with FSUIPC interfacing with a throttle. Below is the attachment showing the software at work. It does these things.....

    1. Gets data from FSUIPC
    2. Gets button/pot data from throttle unit (HID)
    3. Monitors throttle position to stop reverse thrust being applied unless throttle position is 0
    4. Stops throttle position data being sent to FSUIPC if Auto-throttle is engaged
    5. Generally passes all data from the throttle unit to FSUIPC in a nice orderly fasion

    The question is, does the G-throttle connect as a HID device? If it does then I cant wait to use it with my software!

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    Airbus Re: Software for G-Throttle

    It connects to FS as a Joystick Controller basically! ANd can be totally worked through FSUIPC or FS! I do reccomend however FSUIPC!



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