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    Airbus PM Software

    Alot of people have inquired and I looked all through PMs rights and agreements and nowhere does it say you cant sell your software for PM. I spent alot of $$$ on this Software Anyway have any info on this?
    If thats the case I have :
    PM Airbus PFD/ND CDU FCU Quick Map Instructor Station PM Systems
    Wazzup Plus

    Love to hear feedback

    Regards Tim

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    At the worst case scenario, just sell the entire computer that it's on. Then it's not changing machines. Is this permissible?
    Eric Tomlin-
    Learjet 45 Builder

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    Ya know what Eric,
    Its really no big deal I paid for it all anyway so for example if I sold it to someone they can just contact me for keys and I can contact PM and give them the key same diff either way only one of us is using it.


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