We are a group of people who work on a MD-80 simpit project.
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We want to retrieve data from Leonardos Maddog to our simpit.

Does anyone have a server application or similar program that can retrieve the following data out of FS.

Some of the named variables

// CM2 altimeter
ID CM2_alt_needle1_id; // alt needle
ID CM2_alt_needle2_id; // bug bianca
ID CM2_alt_needle3_id; // bug gialla
ID CM2_alt_knob1_id; // baro knob
ID CM2_alt_adv1_id; // led off
ID CM2_alt_event_id; // baro setting
// variabili passate dal CM-1 al CM-2 in multicrew
register_var_by_name( &md_flight_mode, TYPE_UINT32, MD_FLIGHT_MODE );
register_var_by_name( &md_airspeed, TYPE_FLOAT64, MD_AIRSPEED );
register_var_by_name( &md_groundspeed, TYPE_FLOAT64, MD_GROUNDSPEED );

Thise data is normal used to control the Maddog Virtual cockpit.