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    Flight1 Software (FS Addons) Open Day


    Brighton-based Flight1 Europe Ltd. is hosting its inaugural 'Open Day' at Shoreham Airport on Saturday October 3rd, from 10AM to 5PM. Entry is by advanced ticket only but there will be plenty to see and do and it's FREE OF CHARGE!

    This new event will bring together 'real' and 'virtual' pilots to learn from each other... regardless of experience.

    Atlanta based Flight1 and its Flight1 Europe associate, is one of the world's leading developers and publishers of PC-based flight simulation software with standalone training packages for glass cockpit systems such as the Avidyne Entegra series, plus a wide range of aircraft and scenery enhancements for Microsoft's multi-million selling Flight Simulator.

    The Open Day will take place at Shoreham's Terminal 3 building and visitors will have the opportunity to try out the latest in flight simulation products and developments. Flight1 staff and software developers will also be present to talk about the products and listen to feedback.

    We will have flying instructors, airline and private pilots on hand to give hints, tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your flying - either in the virtual or real skies and there'll also be the opportunity to take to the air with 'hands on' flights to be won in a free prize draw!

    A small static display of aircraft is also planned for the day. This will consist of aircraft representing those modelled in some of Flight1's simulations. It is hoped that the odd aerobatic 'hot ship' or even a 'warbird' will be tempted in to represent some of the more exotic types included in Flight1's portfolio.

    The Avidyne Entegra training software launched by Flight 1 earlier this year is proving very popular and it is planned to have glass-cockpit types such as Piper and Cirrus aircraft on the apron, complete with pilots to explain how to find your way around the instrument panel.

    Admission to the Flight1 Open Day is FREE but you need to register in advance below. Places may be limited so register today to avoid disappointment. Many more exciting activities are in the works and once you've registered Flight1 will keep you up to date with activities as they take shape in the coming weeks.

    Shoreham Airport is the oldest licensed airfield in the UK and boasts a beautiful Grade II Listed art deco terminal building (regularly seen in TV's 'Poirot'). It is also home to a Visitor Centre, restaurant and a bar with an outside viewing area so you can watch the world fly by. The airport is easily accessible by road, rail and private aircraft.

    Naturally any flying or outdoor activity is subject to weather and operational conditions, but the virtual flying is guaranteed and a warm welcome will be provided, especially to those new to the world of flight simulation.

    For More Info & How To Book, Visit:

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