Hello ! axefinch here again , first of all id like to say hello an thx to all who came over to UGT and took a flight i hope you enjoyed it and will return some day, im am in the finnal planning stages of building my 747-400, and im realizing i need to know what happens between these computers in the sim. In my theretical system we have a row of monitors on top for the outside view,a row of monitors for the instrument panel and the main flight sim itself so i have 3 comps in system .now i need to know how does a system such as this boot up which comp doi boot 1st? and the other comps such as the outside view comp will have installed my full sceneries and eyecandy. will all comps need to have exact copys of main flight and all addons too?what is start up sequence? i will have 1 comp for flight control as its a dual system and instruments one comp for outside view and navigation such as gps fs nav etc. and the main flight sim master comp. could some one walk me through a theretical bootup and start what will screens display on each comp and how do i get to 747 cold and dark on KLAX gate 13 after bootup PMDG 747of course hehe i hope this makes sense can an expert please help me understand this?
THX axefinch