Hi all,

I've been struggling for the past two weeks with the MIP annunciators and PM Systems. I'm using a Phidget LED64 Board and I've been trying to get the MIP annunciators to work.
I've wired up a switch to test them all using the offsetbitset command in FSUIPC using the offset x560D .0 MasterLightTest and they all light up correctly. Also the gear lights work fine using the TransLeft, TransRight and DownLeft, DownRight etc. in the Phidgets text file; but adding leflapstransit and leflapsextended in the same way doesn't do anything when the flaps are in operation.
I'm a bit baffled by this and perhaps I'm missing something, or do I need to use a different approach. Can someone give me an idiots guide to getting these annunciators to work?
Incidentally I'm using a BU0836 Precision Joystick Controller to interface my switches, although I don't think that makes any difference.

Another related issue with the LED64 Board, the Phidgets text file in PM Systems shows correctly LEDs 00 to 63 but when I access the Phidgets menu within PM Systems itself I only get LEDs 00 to 35 showing on screen in two columns. It's almost as if there's not enough room to display them all. Has anyone else had this happen, it there a fault with the board, or is there some other way to see the missing LED settings.

I would be most grateful if someone could help me with this, I'm trying to get the next article finished for my 737 series in PC Pilot.


Joe Lavery