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    Contacting Ground on 121.9mhz

    Preflight and ready to taxi...

    Hi. I'm Ron from London ON, Canada. Not to get that confused by the other one across the pond. Not a builder yet but would like to be. Trying to decide between three excellent aircraft. All of which I would like to run Amphibiiously (best of both worlds LOL)

    1 - DHC 2 mk 3 - Turbo Beaver. Looking much like a duck in flight IMO. It's a very capable and fine looking aircraft. Still quite popular after 40 years fresh from the DHC stables.

    2 - DHC 6 300 - Turbo Beavers bigger cousin. The Twin Otter. An excellent commuter and island hopping aircraft. Many still in active commercial transport work in south seas and Caribbean. As well as flying bush in Alaska and BC.

    3 - Cessna A185F or C206 - Skywagon / Super Skywagon-Stationaire. The hot rod of float planes. It too has a long history and is quite a capable bush plane. I know that they are two different aircraft but the cockpit is pretty similar to each other. So if building I could fly either one on any given day.

    All three. Are pretty different from each other in there control makeup and instrument panel layout. I could maybe go more generic, take a more 'get feet wet approach' if you will pardon the pun.

    Current resources include.

    CH Yoke (had it for over a decade - works great still)

    Would like to maybe upgrade to the new Saitek system but the (WNWN philosophy holds me back - if it ain't broke don't fix it).

    Saitek cyborg evo and a few other USB sticks.

    I could cannibalize for controls. I want to build rudder pedals. That will probably be my base for the entire aircraft (simpit). Would be nice to build for two people as well. Alternatively build for one but be prepared for 2. A design with expansion in mind for the future (modular).

    Spare Bedroom. I have room to put this in so I've got more then enough space. Probably going to rewire and add in cables to run to an upper floor bedroom for alternate computer use when not in the sim.

    - Wireless mouse/keyboard with USB extension plus monitor (RCA cables - using upstairs LCD TV and should be good to go. Lower floor is much cooler in summer and so that is good for simming and keeping hardware cool.

    So looking for some good pointers and designs to get me rolling. From what I've seen already looks like a great forum. I'm sure I'm going to be spending much time here when not flying...
    Up Up and away in my beautiful my beautiful - Amphibian

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    Welcome to MyCockpit.

    Sounds like you have one heck of a project to plan. Have a look around and see if you need anything. Feel free to take part and ask questions.

    I am looking forward to seeing your progress.

    Best regards,

    Trevor Hale

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