(Taken from my original post over at the FDS forum-some parts omitted to give a chance for support from FDS on one issue I had).

Hi Guys

Well, last night I sat down and started playing with my new SYS3 board and I have to say that I am very impressed.
I sat down at 09:25 PM and began thumbing thru the manual and by 10pm I had the first toggle (SPST) connected.... I simply went into the software, changed switch 1's assignment to the Battery Master, following the directions ... and VOILA! It worked like a charm. By 10:25PM I had repeated the same steps for an additional 2 switches for the AP Master Switch and the Avionics Master Switch and VOILA! it worked great again. I cant say how awesome it was to see my Project Magenta RJ software spring to life on it's monitor when I turned on the Avionics Master switch. One hour later, and I have a good understanding of how to get started interfacing. You cant beat that with a stick!

The InterfaceIT software makes this all very simple. Of course, I havent gotten into wireing more complecated switches such as a 3 position toggle yet, but Im sure in time it will be easy as cake.

I am very glad that I got the SYS3 board, and look forward to populating it with many more switches for my Lear project over the next several weeks and months.

I am now wondering how momentary switches will be implemented. According the the L45 manual, the Battery switches are momentary, and of course I understand that when pressed, it will send a request to light up the lights or to extinguish them depending on their requested 'state' but will the momentary function allow the battery to remain 'ON' or to be ON only while being pressed? I havent gotten this far yet, but look forward to seeing it work out.