I was very fortunate a couple of weeks ago to recieve a visit from Dieter Jakob, owner of Routech (www.routech.ro), who brought my first EMB yoke down to Spain.

Dieter is an ex Lufthansa maintainance manager, and has access to airplanes that we guys don't get.

He sat in my sim, and commented that it was "too big", and said he would send me some pictures taken in France and Italy.

I now have 60+ images with dimensions, and I am now half way through a major rebuild to replicate the original dimensions.
From the cockpit floor to the top of the windshields is 1.2m, the top of the glare panel is 95cm, and the "view" top to bottom of windshield is 23cm.

I now have the floor adjusted, and the sidestands, and at the weekend will attempt the glare and resized MIP - then the pedestal, and . etc etc.

It does look better - my first attempts were from Airliners.net, and trying to guess dimensions based on photos, and the FDS MIP is misleading in its dimensions - Ha, wait till you get the MIP and then start building!

I need to make new seats - my 737 based seats are too big, but wonder, when it is complete, if , as a 6'3" pilot, I will be able to get in!

I updated some pics on my website, and will add new ones as the rebuild progresses.

Once I am happy, I will publish dimensions for fellow 145 fans.