With all the E3 meetings we are in we basically used user-submitted questions and feedback from the blog comments to discuss topics. The abbrieviated video version is available on Channel 10's website.

MP3 File: 11 MB, 34 minutes
Remember that these podcasts are available via the RSS feed, or the iTunes feed as well. This week John, Wolf, Tony, and Chris talk about:
- Intro/Outro Music: Phylum Sinter
- XBLA Wednesdays - Band of Bugs
- Wii Play Impressions
- Dirt hitting retail
- Windshield Wipers in Games
- Pricing Discussions in the Podcast Comments – Thanks to Nin 013, Stephen, Backscatter, and others
- Shadowrun + Vista bundle for $40 done by retailers
- Why are games $60 on Next-Gen consoles, but $50 on PCs – we don’t know, but we take an edjucated guess
- What makes something “bargain-bin” worthy?
- Sudoku Too on Windows Live Messanger
- Why are there costs on XBLive?
- E3 - Will there be a C3 @ E3
- PAX - What's the gameplan?
- Being at E3 – what to expect
- Email us at GSBlog@Microsoft.com with questions/comments/audio