Rob Semsey fills in for Tony as we talk (and get fillmed for Channel 10) about this week's community issues.
Used a new boom microphone (to make Channel 10's taping easier), so the audio quality is not as good as I would have liked - we finally nailed down our weekly audio, only to have video-taping change the audio. Egads there's a lot to this - we'll get it, we promise.

MP3 File: 12.4 MB, 36 minutes
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This week John, Wolf, Rob, and Chris talk about:
- Intro/Outro Music: Phylum Sinter
- XBLA Wednesdays - Prince of Persia
- Gears of War Title Update - adds 250 achievement pts., NOTranked-only, tweaks roadie run
- Sony has a blog – welcome aboard
- Anime released on VMP – Akira HD, what’s the appeal
- Halo 3 Stats – 820k unique participants in the beta, 12 millionhrs. of cumulative play (1370 man-years)
- Halo 3 Accessories – Wireless headset, 2 controllers(Spartan and brute), trip to McFarlane Studios
- E3 and upcoming Events – Comic Con, TGS
- Games for Change Participation – (website)
- Seattle/MS lifestyle
- Mass Effect Website Update – Krogans
- Mass Effect Revelation Novel
- Background on Serrin
- User Question - MwC Buddylee – What’s on the horizon for G4W?
- User Question - SG Noodles - Should game reviewers be required to play agame for a certain amount of time before reviewing?
- Friend-list suggestions
- Kudos to the blog comments – they have been good!
- User Question - Xbox Gamer – GH2 pricing, and too much content ruinedmarketplace
- Email us at with questions/comments/audio