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Thread: Starting Again

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    Starting Again

    Well after quite sometime of flying I have decided to build my frame again. The original was built from 2x4 's and i'm no carpenter so stength was not 100% where it should have been.

    I have bought a small mig welder and will be making sure the framework will be strong this time for many years to come.

    Unfortunately this meant taking everything right back to the barebones and starting again. I cant stress how much work this has been so anyone contemplating building the frame themselves should take a leap out of Mike Holmes book (Mike holmes is a brilliant contractor up here in Canada) and do it right the first time. Saves many headaches. On the bright side it means I wont be making the same mistakes again

    Here is a pic back to the floor. I hope to have it back to a flyable sim in a few short months.

    Anyway Im off to enjoy the sun in Mexico for a week so I will see you guys when I get back.

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    Gary, I am a welder/Fabricator by trade so if there is anything I can help with let me know I would be more then happy to help.

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