Hi Guys,
for first let me introduce myself.
My name is Davide and i live in Italy i'm AKA STRALE on viperpit.com.
I begun to collect F-16 parts since early 1998 and just in the last months i reached what i call a "90%" completed mission (with all real parts !!!)

As I saw the beautifull job that Matt Wietlespach did with his simulator initially I headed my attention to the EPIC System and i acquired a complete solution to interface my stuff (missing only the gauge boards)

The World of cockpitbuilding is going ahead very quickly and some other brands developed special boards mostly devoted to FALCON 4.0 and its development.

I will mainly use my sim with the different version of Falcon so i decided to put on sell the most versatile Epic System so that people building sims based on MSFS could have more profit from this versatile system.

So here's my offer !

the system is composed by a Starter KIT retailed at 650 Euros (877 us %)
1 Epic USB + 9Vdc supplier
1 Expansion module
1 DB37 grounded cable male/male
1 32 digit display controller

+ the following items
1 ABA module (59 Euros or 80 dollars)
2 32 Points Output Modules (172 Euros or 232 Dollars)
2 Breakout modules for Output boards (new development 130 Euros or 175 Dollars)
1 Relay board (95 Euros or 128 dollars)
1 Rotary Module (219 Euros or 295 dollars)
2 64 BTN Modules (2x59 Euros = 160 dollars)
+ Various modules with seven segment display wired (free )

For a RETAIL VALUE OF ABOUT 1.443 EUROS or 1950,00 US Dollars

I CONNECTED ONLY THE EPIC USB, the EXPANSION MODULE and one 64 btn and 32 output module to make some try.
I don't think they were hooked up more than 3 hours in total !!!!
So believe me there's no difference from my system and a NEW one !

Please take in considerations that I want to sell only for the reasons showed above !!! but i'm not in the need of easy money so won't gift it nor loose too much money so please make ONLY FAIR offers ! And i will take them in consideration.

Cheers all