The new Major Release (6.0) of FSCONV is ready for download!
FSCONV is tool running in the back ground in real time, bridging the Level-D SDK and FSUIPC. It adds Level-D specific offsets to FSUIPC range 0x8B00-0x8BFF. With these offsets you can build almost all aircraft systems of the Boeing 767-300. Popular ones are the MCP (complete, with BCRS and BankAngleSelector), FMC (69 keys and 2 leds), COMM1 (dual windows, two dual rotaries and a freq tfr switch), VOR1, VOR2, Landing Gear Lever with 3 positions, landing Gear indicator lights, ASA status lights, Lights switches, Electrical panel, Hydraulics panel, Pneumatics panel, Fuel panel, IRS panel, XPDR, TCAS, and so on, and so on...

Important Changes are:

  • Leading implementations of the MCP auto pilot switch, and the VOR1 and VOR2 Man/Auto switches.
  • The FSCONV core is now multi-threaded and fully prepared to use the power of todays dual and quad core cpus;
  • No more user commands needed: FSCONV will detect FSUIPC, the Level-D SDK and when a Level-D aircraft is loaded;
  • A new stand alone graphical tool (FSCONVigurator) for easy configuration of the offsets you need, no more editing in text files.
  • Improved and split into two parts: the FSCONV User Manual and a specification document with the Level-D 767 offsets in FSUIPC.
Note that my FSCONV software package is still Freeware if you download a copy from my website www.nicokaan.nl

Have Fun!