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    Progress on the MIP (cpflight)

    Friday my friend Leonard helped me out and we soldered a lot of wires for the MIP. As I have the CPflight MIP board it's a pretty straightforward process, although its hard to keep track of the wires. I use the Cat5e wire so there are enough colors. I use orange for the common/ground.

    After adding the wires and connecting them to the terminals we started the sim for a short flight EHAM 36R departure to SPY and landing on the EHAM 18C with 7 nm runway extension point in the FMS. But into the flight I experienced some issues where the EFIS did not respond and the NAV went dark. Also the indicators did not work. Bummer.

    The next day I decided to get the CPflight MIP board its own power source, and this was a great remedy. All went ok this time.

    The only thing I still do not understand is the MAIN DU rotary. It should change whats on the display, but I see no change. It only switches to off when I select a pole that is not connected (yet). Anyway. Something to do. I'm getting a good vibe from doing all this.

    Next steps are not clear yet. I need to get some pushbuttons for the MIP.
    And I want to find out how to setup PM Systems with all systems running so I can do a quick flight (overhead is far from completed)

    Other choices are where to spend the $$$ on, A triplehead to go and a new graphics board, or an Engravity Overhead panel.

    Choices, choices....
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    I know the feeling.

    When I started my MIP I didn't really know what to concentrate on after I had the initial panels and the framework built.

    I'm going to complete the glareshield, modify and wire up the HSI LCD screen, test, wire, and program my annunciators (if that will be possible), and then concentrate on the gauges. In-between there are all sorts of small details to attend to.

    Having a plan is the first step. Good luck with yours.
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