I've been using Steve Reylings updated files. Recently installed some (FS2002) 737-500's from FFX (by Eric Cantu). I noticed that keeping the speed to the desired settings is a problem. Engines keep roaring and I run into overspeed within minutes after take-off. Pushing SPD of LVL CH buttons hardly have any effect. Also leveling off at the desired level doesn't go smoothly. Usually the a/c goes through the altitude set and then has to come back.

Furthermore the trim settings on the EICAS do not seem to be in accordance with the settings of the aircraft. When I stay in the green zone the a/c goes down in stead of up.

I also noticed that in the config flie there seem parts missing, like a take-off table for a flaps 1 take-off.

I tried to contact Steve but received no answer yet. Maybe someone else can help me with the problems?

Best regards,