Air Deccan placed a firm order with Airbus for 30 more A320s on 22nd December, taking its firm orders for the type to 62 aircraft.

Each Airbus A320 will seat 180 passengers in a single-class layout, with wider seats than competing single-aisle aircraft. A choice of engines has yet to be announced.

"We need more aircraft to respond to the tremendous growth in air traffic that we are experiencing in India," says Air Deccan CEO and founding Managing Director Captain G.R. Gopinath, "and the Airbus A320, with its first-class economics, modern design and proven reliability, is the natural choice for low-cost carriers such as us."

Bangalore-based Air Deccan was India's first low-cost carrier, and began flying Airbus A320s in 2004. It now flies Airbus A320s and ATR 42s and 72s to more destinations in India than any other airline.

"As the first low-cost carrier in India, Air Deccan has generated a new market by making air travel affordable to more people," says Airbus President and Chief Executive Officer Gustav Humbert. "Add strong economic growth, and you see why India is such a fast-growing market, on which Air Deccan is well placed to capitalise."

With the most modern design of any single-aisle aircraft, the Airbus A320 Family is best placed to deliver the lowest running costs, making it the most economic aircraft in its class. And with the largest cabin, passengers get more space, comfort and overhead stowage space for their money, making the Airbus A320 Family the preferred aircraft on short-to-medium haul routes.

Unlike competing aircraft, the Airbus A320 Family delivers many features as standard, such as weight-saving carbonfibre primary structure, a choice of engines and auxiliary power units, a fuel-saving aerodynamic design that includes wingtip fences, weight-saving carbon brakes, cost-saving centralised maintenance, and category 3B autoland.

Like all Airbus passenger aircraft in production today, the A320 Family also features a common cockpit design, which reduces the time and cost of training when converting from one aircraft to another. The common cockpit also gives airlines greater flexibility in pilot scheduling, helping them to achieve greater productivity.

Firm orders for the Airbus A320 Family now stand at around 4,000 aircraft, making them the world’s fastest and best-selling airliners of all time. The Airbus A320 Family has been ordered by, or is in service with, more than 200 customers and operators worldwide.

Airbus is an EADS joint company with BAE Systems.