Italian leading charter carrier Eurofly has signed a contract for one A319 Long Range aircraft and plans to acquire a second, becoming a new customer for the Airbus Corporate Jetliner (ACJ) family.

Milan-based Eurofly is already an Airbus operator, flying five A320s and two A330-200s on services within Europe and to destinations in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

Delivery of Eurofly’s two A319 Long Range aircraft is planned for spring 2005, with each aircraft being equipped by Airbus with four-abreast seating for 48 passengers. The aircraft will fly scheduled all-premium class services, such as from Milan and Rome to New York, offering business travellers a new style of travel. They will also be available for executive charter flights to other destinations.

Each of Eurofly’s Airbus A319 Long Range aircraft is powered by two 27,000 lb thrust CFM International CFM56-5B7 engines.

“The front of an airliner cabin is sold on the basis of the product that it offers – with the emphasis on seating, service and schedule – and if we can offer premium-class passengers something better, then they will prefer to fly with us,’’ says Eurofly Chief Executive Officer Captain Augusto Angioletti. ‘’And with the widest and most spacious cabin of any bizjet, the Airbus ACJ family is ideal for providing exactly that.”

Eurofly has provided charter services with Airbus aircraft since its inception in 1989.

“All-premium class transatlantic flights – as a complement to scheduled services - are increasingly popular with business travellers, and the Airbus ACJ family is proving increasingly successful in this field,” says Airbus President and Chief Executive Officer Noël Forgeard. “With public transport certification to carry 40-50 passengers in comfort and style, the Airbus ACJ family is what the market wants.”

Airbus’ ACJ family features unmatched cabin width, comfort and spaciousness, unmatched payload/range flexibility, and an unmatched modern design - all for about the same price as its competitors. It is the only business jet certificated for the public transport of over 30 fare-paying passengers, the only one with fly-by-wire, Category 3B autoland and fuel-saving wingtip fences as standard, and is backed by an unparalleled worldwide network of spares, training and support centres.

Directly derived from the best-selling Airbus A320 product line, the Airbus ACJ family has won more than 30 sales from the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, with more than 20 of them in service worldwide.

Airbus designs, builds and supports the world’s most modern airliners. It consistently leads in sales of large airliners – 100 seats and above - and has firm orders for almost 5,000 airliners and some 260 customers and operators worldwide.

Airbus is an EADS joint Company with BAE Systems.