Toronto – JetBlue Airways has signed a three-year agreement for training services with Airbus (Paris Stock Exchange: EAD) and CAE (NYSE: CGT; TSX: CAE), and will acquire three CAE-supplied flight training devices (FTD). The total value of the contracts, including training within the Airbus-CAE cooperation network, is estimated at C$28 million (US$19 million) based on list prices and expected simulator usage.

JetBlue pilots will train on Airbus A320 full flight simulators (FFS) in the Airbus Training Centre in Miami, Florida, which is part of the Airbus-CAE training network. The value of the three-year agreement is approximately C$16 million (US$11 million).

"This agreement is a perfect example of integrated training solutions and how CAE's cooperation with Airbus benefits our customers. We are offering flexible and customized training services, as well as continuing to supply industry-leading equipment," said Gary Scott, Group President, Civil Simulation & Training, CAE. "We are very pleased to expand our relationship with JetBlue, and wish them great success and continued growth."

"We're designing new CAE Simfinity™ FTDs for JetBlue's Airbus A320 initial pilot training. The devices use the same high fidelity software as CAE’s full flight simulators, combined with cost-effective hardware. This new and innovative approach is designed to meet today’s rigorous training demands," added Scott. Flight training devices are realistic replicas of actual cockpit instrumentation used to help pilots master the basic elements of operating an aircraft, prior to developing advanced skills on a full flight simulator. The total value of the training equipment is C$12 million (US$8 million) at list prices.

Based at New York City's John F. Kennedy International airport, JetBlue is one of the most successful low-fare airlines in the United States. The airline, which currently employs 570 pilots and has ongoing pilot training needs, flies a fleet of 40 Airbus A320 aircraft and is scheduled to place into service another 12 A320s by the end of 2003.

"The Airbus-CAE integrated training solutions provide flexibility to help us meet JetBlue's operational growth," said Mike Barger, director of training for JetBlue. "Their products and services will help us achieve new training and safety standards as we grow."

"We are very proud that JetBlue has chosen to fly exclusively on Airbus A320s. Our goal is to ensure that every new Airbus aircraft goes into service safely and efficiently," said Jean-Michel Roy, Vice President Training and Flight Operations, Airbus, "Our integrated training solutions will support JetBlue’s objective of developing one of the foremost all-Airbus fleets in America."

Airbus Customer Services covers all areas of support and is dedicated to helping airlines get the most out of their Airbus aircraft. Over the years, Airbus has developed an innovative and flexible approach to service, in partnership with its customers and suppliers.

CAE is a global leader in providing advanced simulation and controls equipment and integrated training solutions for customers in the civil aviation, military and marine markets. With annual revenues in excess of $1 billion, CAE employs more than 6,000 people in Canada, the United States and around the globe.

Airbus is an EADS joint Company with BAE SYSTEMS.