This week we're answering a few of the questions we were asked - keep them coming!

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This week John, Tony, Wolf, and Chris talk about:
- Intro/Outro Music: Love with Ice by Joe Sibol (found over at Podsafe Audio)
- Galactic Civilizations
- Xbox 360 Releases this Week
- Shadowrun Press Event Recap
- OXM vs. PC Gamer Shadowrun Match
- 1up Yours Podcast (2/23/07)
- Admission of Mistakes by the Industry
- George Walker's transcription/article over at Aeropause
- How Changing Media Changes the Rules
- Partner Net
- Are First Party Publishers Overlooked?
- User-Submitted Questions/Topics
- Paying for Live accounts?
- What's the Games for Windows brand mean?
- What's the Story w/ Live Arcade? (1up article)
- Web Browser on the 360?
- GDC activities
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