Thanks for the new forum Matt, since I suggested it, I guess I should make a post!

I try to get a flight in on Vatsim once or twice a week, in particular I try to fly the Friday Night Ops (FNO) event on VATUSA. Bob Reed and I flew into KOAK last week and there was great ATC coverage all the way with holds at OAK due to traffic volume.

This coming Friday FNO is into Minneapolis Lincoln Airport (KLNK) and Eppley Airfield (KOMA) starting at 0100z. You can pick up routes at If anyone is interested in flying this Friday and has any suggestions for a route, please post. I'll certainly be giving it a try again.

Additionally, if anyone's interested in participating in a group Vatsim multi-leg flight in a month or two, let me know. There's a few of us need to get our Cockpits tested out on Vatsim prior to WorldFlight later in the year!